Life Insurance

Choose the plan that’s right for you….

Term Life:

Family / Business Term

  • Choose from three coverage options (Term-10, Term-20 or Term Life)
  • Insure multiple lives
  • Apply for single, joint or combined coverage
  • Renew at guaranteed rates
  • Convert to equal or less permanent coverage without additional underwriting
  • Add coverage using a wide range of rider


Whole Life:  
Performax Gold

  • Build strong long-term value over the life of the policy
  • Receive a guaranteed annual Performance Credit
  • Enjoy hands-off investment growth through Manulife’s Performax Gold investment fund
  • Take advantage of high Deposit Option limits to build more value in early policy years
  • Pay their plan in 15 years with a quick guaranteed limited pay option
  • Accelerate guaranteed cash values during early policy years with the Early Cash Value Enhancer (ECVE) rider
  • Make use of a tax-deferred investment account (Accumulation Account) within the policy


Universal Life:

InnoVision – Combine Permanent and Tax-Advantaged Investment Opportunities

  • Leave proceeds from the policy to beneficiaries tax-free
  • Choose whether to include the investment portion in the death benefit
  • Select from several riders and enhancers to customize protection
  • Choose how often and how much to pay
  • Increase (with evidence) or decrease coverage amounts
  • Insure multiple lives at or after issue
  • Easily access the account value of the policy (may be subject to taxation)

Plus, with InnoVision’s tax-deferred investment options, clients can:

  • Select from over 50 investment accounts to customize their portfolio
  • Choose from two bonus options to earn additional interest or enjoy lower management fees on investment accounts

Security Universal – Are you under age 45?

  • Use the InnoVision Advantage Option to add features and benefits offered by Manulife’s InnoVision universal life insurance
  • Insure one or more people
  • Access hand-picked, quality investment accounts for investing
  • Enjoy guaranteed premiums and administration charges
  • Simple and straightforward life insurance protection
  • An affordable solution based on their existing lifestyle and budget
  • Comprehensive benefits, combining permanent insurance with tax-advantaged investing
  • Flexibility to enhance in the future, when needs – and financial picture – change

UltraVision –

  • Maximize insurance investing opportunities thanks to automatic insurance adjustments which keep costs low and ensure tax exempt status
  • Avoid monthly premiums, funding insurance costs through a guaranteed spread rate deducted from the posted interest rate for each investment account
  • Select from over 50 investment accounts, with the ability to move money from one investment to another without tax implications
  • Enjoy tax-advantaged growth on assets within the policy
  • Leave a tax-free death benefit to beneficiaries, including the policy’s amount of insurance and the account value with its accumulated growth
  • Ensure the death benefit will be at least 75% of the net deposits made into the policy, regardless of how their investments perform (making withdrawals will reduce the amount of the death benefit guaranteed